Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 'Fast Food' Secret Weapon - Pita Pit!

I am not a big fan of Subway. I feel like you can walk away feeling like you ate healthy there, but I rarely walk away feeling like 'wow that was so delicious!' There really aren't a lot of good chain eateries out there where you can eat healthy and fast for cheap. Back when I lived in San Diego, I discovered Pita Pit, and to me this place embodies everything I want in a healthy, fast, cheap, fresh meal! If you haven't been to Pita Pit yet, go! Go now (visit their website for locations and nutrition facts One of my favorite pitas is the chicken pita with tzatziki sauce, a little bit of feta cheese, and lots of veggies. What's great about Pita Pit too is that you can build your own pita on their website first to calculate the nutrition facts. I recommend this because even though Pita Pit is healthy and fresh you can still eat an unhealthy meal there (i.e. a Philly cheese steak pita with Swiss cheese and lots of mayo). It is ultimately up to you to make the healthy choice, but at a place with lots of great healthy options that's pretty easy to do.

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