Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What’s Your Excuse? "There’s Just Not Enough Time" and Other Lame Excuses We Love to Use

What’s your excuse for not exercising at all or exercising regularly? Is it school? Work? Both? Or is it hard to find time when you are juggling kids, relationships, family, and friends? Maybe you’re working two jobs. Or maybe you have too many social obligations. Do these excuses sound familiar? I’m sure you’re shaking your head yes right about now, and that is because we’ve all used them. It seems we’re all tired, overworked, stressed out, and there is just “never enough time in the day” to fit everything in and on top of it make time for working out. Ohh yes there is. I work full-time and I go to school part-time (I take two night classes a week) and I make time to workout five times a week, yes five one-hour sessions every single week. How do I make the time? I am committed to working out just like I am committed to my job and education. I have made exercise one of my top priorities. In fact, I schedule exercise in my weekly planner every single week. Now, I understand life comes up; there are vacations, unexpected crazy days where everything falls apart, emergencies, false alarms, etc. I know sometimes it’s hard to make time in the midst of everything else, but it is possible. Everyone, in my opinion, has 30 minutes somewhere in their day. I used to workout on my lunch hour in San Diego, then for a while I went to bed a little earlier so that I could wake up and workout before work, now I workout as soon as I get home from work and even sometimes after I get home from school. When I know something is going to throw my routine off, I try my best to maneuver around it. For example, I was in San Diego a few weekends ago. I knew that it would be hard to workout in SD so I worked out one extra day during the week to take the pressure off myself to workout on the weekend. If you’re committed, there is always a way.

For some of you reading this, you haven’t worked out period in who knows how long. For others, you workout, but it’s inconsistent because you fit it in here and there when it works for you. And, for some of you, you’re just as committed as me and are making the time, good for you! If you haven’t been working out, grab your calendar and find three days where you think you can workout uninterrupted for 30 minutes. I’m sure some of you are saying, but I don’t have a gym membership or I don’t have any gym equipment at home…that’s not an excuse. Walking or running around your neighborhood or at the park is free, so get moving! Remember to start slow whenever you start any new exercise program, drink plenty of water, and stretch before and after working out. Just think, in the time it takes to watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars you could get three to four workouts in!! For those of you, who find exercise is an inconsistent part of your routine, try to identify why. What is getting in your way? Is it your relationship? Is it your school or work schedule? Or are YOU getting in your own way? You need to figure this out before you can make a change. I know at times it is hard to put on your running shoes and walk into a gym when you’ve packed your day so full that you feel like you are running from one thing to the next. But, believe me, there is something so therapeutic about working out that I guarantee when your workout is over you will feel happier about even the craziest of days! So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Put your running shoes on, start moving, and start feeling better.

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